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A Spear, a Book, and an Egg. In a world where the Gods still play a part in its fate, nine people spread across three generations fight for their own lives as the very things that connect them together also affect their reality at large. (link)

My Eyes Are Red

In an alternate 1993 where America is allied to the Soviets, a bunch of junkies only want some weed. Little do they know the one they’re having can change the course of the Cold War. A collaboration with the Reds! Alternate History project. (soon!)

Lo’ok May Nilad

A comic set in an alternate fantasy Manila Bay where the Datus still rule. (soon!)




i did this during my internship. nobody there laughed.

Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Advertising and Public Relations Major. Possibly going for another course like Linguistics or Philosophy in the future.

I draw, write and cry about math because it makes sense and also doesn’t at the same time. A lot of what I like are too niche to be appreciated by my peers.

My visual work is mainly informed by graphic design and neo-futurism, despite converging with fantasy themes. A lot of my personal work explores experiences (both direct and implied) and worldbuilding, which is a big interest of mine.

For inquiry/commission work, please email nazjaaygu@gmail.com.



a selection.

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